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Schedule 2022

DatePresenterPaperWhy should we careAppear inRepoBlogs
10/01/22Pio CalderonCorrelated Cascades: Compete or cooperateA model of behavior adoption in the presence of multiple cooperating or competing productsAAAI 20171
17/01/22Marian-Andrei RizoiuEnd-of-history illusionA series of psychological studies that show that humans are not able to predict how much they will change in the future.Science 2013TED talk
24/01/22Dima GalatSynthesizing Adversarial Negative Responses for Robust ResponseRanking and EvaluationContext dependent garbage in - strong predictor outACL20211
31/01/22Frankie Yuan
07/02/22Andrew Law
14/02/22Rohit Ram
21/02/22Dima Galat

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