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Schedule 2022

DatePresenterPaperWhy should we careAppear inRepoBlogs
10/1/2022Pio CalderonCorrelated Cascades: Compete or cooperateA model of behavior adoption in the presence of multiple cooperating or competing productsAAAI 20171
17/01/22Marian-Andrei RizoiuEnd-of-history illusionA series of psychological studies that show that humans are not able to predict how much they will change in the future.Science 2013TED talk
24/01/22Dima GalatSynthesizing Adversarial Negative Responses for Robust ResponseRanking and EvaluationContext dependent garbage in - strong predictor outACL20211
31/01/22Frankie YuanChallenges in Detoxifying Language ModelsSide effects of trying to prevent certain language in language modelsFindings of EMNLP 2021
7/2/2022Rohit RamPolarization and tipping pointsAn explanation for political polarization and why it might be difficult to reversePNAS
14/02/22Quyu KongLearning Temporal Point Processes for Efficient Retrieval of Continuous Time Event SequencesA model to retrieve and rank a relevant set of event sequences for a given query sequenceAAAI 20221
21/02/22Callum PastuszakMulti-modal Identification of State-Sponsored Propaganda on Social MediaA model for detecting state sponsored propaganda on Twitter combining textual and visual analysisICPR 2020
28/02/22Rohit RamPolarized Ukraine 2014: opinion and territorial split demonstrated with the bounded confidence XY model parametrized by Twitter dataRSOSdemo
7/3/2022Pio CalderonModeling Adoption and Usage of Competing ProductsAn extension of multivariate Hawkes to model the adoption and frequency of use of competing productsICDM 2015
14/03/22Daniela EliaOntology-guided Job Market Demand Analysis: A Cross-Sectional Study for the Data Science fieldAn Ontology-based Information Extraction (OBIE) method for job and skill dataSemantics2017
21/03/22No group meeting; TRP intensive course for several students.
28/03/22Marian-Andrei RizoiuMisinformation in and about scienceA sharp and sober overview of what can go wrong in science and publishing: from predatory journal to salami publishing and p-value hacking.PNAStools for calling bullsh*t
4/4/2022Pio CalderonCA1 dry run
11/4/2022Frankie YuanRacism is a virus: anti-asian hate and counterspeech in social media during the COVID-19 crisisLabelling and analysis of interaction between hatespeech and counterspeech during the COVID-19 pandemicASONAM 2021repo
18/04/22No group meeting: public holiday (Easter Monday)
25/04/22No group meeting: public holiday (ANZAC day)
2/5/2022Amelie GirardFast Sparse Decision Tree Optimization via Reference EnsemblesDecision Trees are a family of interpretable models. When Models are used for high Stake decisions they need to be vetted properlyAAAI 20221
9/5/2022Quyu KongCCGL: Contrastive Cascade Graph LearningA novel framework for information cascade graph learning in a contrastive self-supervised and task-agnostic way.TKDE 20221
16/05/22No group meeting: 3MT presentations for compulsory coursework for half of the group.
23/05/22Callum PastuszakThe many dimensions of truthfulness: Crowdsourcing misinformation assessments on a multidimensional scaleComparing the effectiveness of crowdsourced fact-checking vs expert fact-checkingIP&M 2021
30/05/22Amelie GirardBias in data-driven artificial intelligence systems—An introductory surveyThe goal of this survey is to provide a broad multidisciplinary overview of the area of bias in AI systems and to focus on technical challenges and solutions as well as to suggest new research directions towards approaches well-grounded in a legal frameEuropean Commission Grant/Award
6/6/2022Marian-Andrei RizoiuNetwork constraints on worker mobilityThe paper proposes an employment-weighted embeddedness measure that the authors show is correlated with wage premium and optimized over the worker’s career.Nature Human Behavior
13/06/22No group meeting: public holiday (Queen’s birthday)
20/06/22Daniela EliaUsing LinkedIn Endorsements to Reinforce an Ontology and Machine Learning-Based Recommender System to Improve Professional SkillsThis paper presents a Lifelong Learning course recommendation system that incorporates LinkedIn endorsements
27/06/22Frankie YuanReinforcement Guided Multi-Task Learning Framework for Low-Resource Stereotype DetectionInteresting model framework which trains an RL agent to select training instances for transfer learning.ACL 2022
4/7/2022No group meeting (wild weather)
11/7/2022BDS social event: Gaddie pitching and project matching & VR room
18/07/22Rohit RamTIMME: Twitter Ideology-detection via Multi-task Multi-relational EmbeddingA method for recovering political ideology based on different relations graphs based on a GCN approach.KDD20
25/07/22Elaine GongThe building blocks of economic complexity
1/8/2022Pio CalderonInformation Interaction Profile of Choice AdoptionA method to estimate the interaction profile between entities given sequences of contagions and exposuresECML PKDD 2021
8/8/2022Guest lecture: Swapnil MishraTitle: Machine Learning; Bayesian Inference and Point Processes for Public Good: Understanding and quantifying the uncertaintyBio: Assistant Professor at University of Copenhagen (UCPH) working at intersection of public health; machine learning and Bayeasian modelling. Before that he was a Post-doc at School of Public Health @ Imperial College LondonMachine Learning & Global Health Network (
15/08/22Daniela Elia
22/08/22Guest lecture: Philipp SchneiderTitle: Cross-Excitation and Influence Pathways in Networks: Propagation of COVID-19 and Public Intervention in SwitzerlandBio: PhD student at the chair of Operations, Economics and Strategy at EPFL in Switzerland. Philipp’s current work focuses on leveraging data, optimization, and machine learning, to solve practical problems that matter to society.
29/08/22Frankie Yuan
5/9/2022Amelie GirardWhose Advantage? Measuring Attention Dynamics across YouTube and Twitter on Controversial TopicsThis paper present a quantitative study that links collective attention across two social platforms – YouTube and Twitter centered on online activities surrounding popular videos of three controversial political topics including Abortion & Gun control and Black Lives Matter over 16 months.ICWSM2022repo
12/9/2022Rohit Ram
19/09/22Elaine Gong
26/09/22Pio Calderon
3/10/2022Marian-Andrei Rizoiu
10/10/2022Daniela Elia
17/10/22No group meeting: public holiday (Labour Day)
24/10/22Frankie Yuan
31/10/22Amelie Girard
7/11/2022Rohit Ram
14/11/22Elaine Gong
21/11/22Pio Calderon
28/11/22Marian-Andrei Rizoiu
5/12/2022Daniela Elia
12/12/2022Frankie Yuan
19/12/22Amelie Girard
Rohit Ram
Elaine Gong

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