Nik Dawson

Senior Research Associate @ Faethm AI

(current) Faethm AI

(previous) University of Technology Sydney

Nik's Doctoral research is on the changing labour market dynamics in Australia. He analyses issues such as skill shortages, job transitions, and emerging technology adoption in the Australian labour market. Nik applies data science and machine learning techniques to draw insights from large datasets, including online job advertisements, employment statistics, and longitudinal household survey data. As part of his research, Nik was selected as an OECD Future of Work Research Fellow and has also worked with agencies of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland researching the ‘Economic Impacts of Artificial Intelligence’.

Prior to pursuing a PhD, Nik worked as a Measurement & Evaluation consultant for a range of International Development projects in the Middle East. He also worked as an Investment Manager for a private investment company and a Research Analyst for Social Ventures Australia on their Education and Employment investment projects.

Position at UTS: Nik was a PhD student with the Behavioral Data Science lab in UTS.

Next position after UTS: Nik took a position of Senior Research Associate @ Faethm AI


  • Labour market dynamics
  • Skill shortages
  • Job transitions
  • Emerging technology adoption