Duy Khuu

Graduate researcher @ Australian Federal Government

(current) Australian Federal Government.

(previous) Australian National University

I am an undergraduate student at The Australian National University currently studying a double degree in Bachelor of Advanced Computing and Bachelor of Actuarial Studies, supervised by Dr Marian-Andrei Rizoiu. My research involves looking into opinion polarisation dynamics - specifically concerning the Brexit debate on social media. The main aim is to detect stance shifts along with determining if a user's future stance can be predicted based on the other users they have interacted with (who may have varying stances) and types of discussions they have been exposed to.

Position at UTS: Dhuy was an Honours student with the Behavioral Data Science lab in UTS.

Next position after UTS: Dhuy was offered a graduate position with the Australian Federal Government.


  • Machine Learning
  • Social Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Statistics